This category relates to youth and children's ministry
This is for the Ichthus Management Group and for those organising Ichthus Camps in Brisbane Diocese

This section relates to the Emmaus ministry in the Diocese of Brisbane.

Emmaus is a camp that has been running since 1992 in the Brisbane Diocese.

Emmaus is ministry of journeying alongside young people in the Anglican Church.

It is essentially a weekend, which is run by young people for young people. The weekend provides an opportunity for young people to discover and encounter, or deepen a personal relationship with God through talks, discussion groups, music, and sacramental ministry.

Although the weekend is run on a Diocesan level, the ongoing support of your parish is a necessary ingredient for the continual nurture of the candidates. A Parish Parent Couple attend the weekend and support candidates, and afterwards, facilitate regular meeting times in the parish.

If your parish already has an Emmaus group, new candidates are encouraged to join in with that group after they attend the weekend. If you don’t have an existing group, you need 3 or more others to attend, plus a Parish Parent Couple. If your young people are in an isolated situation, perhaps being the only person wanting to attend in your parish, it can be arranged for them to become a member of an Emmaus Group in a parish close by.